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with love, by my hands
16 July
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acrylic, ah chew’s deserts, almond paste, antiques, arts, asos, bears, bebe, being pampered, blings blings, books, cam – whoring, cameras, candy empire, cheese, chocolate fondue, chocolates, colors, convenience, cookies, crafts, cuddling, cute, dance, durians, duty – free shopping, eggs, fcuk logo tees, friends, glittery, glittery stuff, god, good company, good movies, guess, happy house, hate oranges, hate procrastinators, having surprises, holidays, ipad, iphone, jay chou, jeans, julie’s peanut butter sandwich, knowledge. latest gadgets, levi’s ladies jeans collection, linkin park, lomography, love, lv, macdonald’s big breakfast, milkshakes, my handphone, my laptop, nice good fabrics, nicole richie, painting, philosophy, photography, photos, qoo, reading, romantic love, shimmery, shiny, shooting games in arcades, shopping, shorts, sketches, skipping, sleek laptops, soufflé, sparkling, speed, subway’s soft cookies, taking random pictures, taxis, thinking, unique and pretty stuff, victoria’s secret, warmth, watermelon, wit