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Feedback [Sat Apr 28th, 2012 11:47pm ]

Leave a feedback if you've spree-ed with me! :)

33 buyers <3 i want it

Rules & Regulations [Fri Jul 31st, 2009 12:37am ]
Read, agree and accept before joining.

   Will not be liable for delayed/wrong/damaged items sent over by merchant or lost/damaged/delayed items through normal mail by singpost.
  No interbank transfer; Only POSB/DBS or UOB (ask for this).
   For ATM transfers, hang on to your receipts for proof of transfer. No orders will be made if you cant prove payment.
  No ordering without payment.
   All transactions are deemed to be final once funds are transferred and orders placed according to your order/url links provided.
   Once orders are placed, no more changes, cancellations nor refunds will be entertained.
  I am not responsible if items OOS or discontinued.
   All updates via email only.
   All refunds will only be done after the entire spree is completed and all items distributed.
  NO meetups.  NO self collect. Registered mails done only once a week, Monday before 7am.
   I reserve the right to refuse any orders.
   Unclaimed items after 2 weeks from arrival will be disposed at my discretion.
   Return shipping, strictly no obligation on my part to merchant for returns/exchange will be borne by the spree-er.
   Joining the spree constitutes to having read and agreeing to the terms laid out above.

♥♥♥ [Wed Nov 12th, 2008 11:08pm ]

sgselltrade  feedback: +122
[info]sgspree  feedback: +102

_spreee feedback: +570

personal feedback: +19

email: bymyhands.livejournal@gmail.com

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146 buyers <3 i want it

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